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Loop Family Fit + Play brings a new dimension to fitness by focusing on the bond between child and parent, or caregiver delivering a unique program that enables parents and children to be fit together. 

The Loop is a fun fitness circuit program that combines various exercise disciplines like, general cardio, Pilates, dance, martial arts, kick boxing and yoga; specifically designed for adults to get in shape and for children to have fun. The loop is a one hour circuit consisting of four 15 minute segments. Each segment is structured and appropriately modified for an adult and child partnership physicality. 

Our focus is to celebrate the special bond between child and parent, or caregiver while providing a healthy, fun and engaging activity for the participants to share and connect with one another. The Loop program not only offers a parent the opportunity to exercise with his or her child, the workouts also provide motor skill and balance development for children. 

Our motto is; Spend an hour building a love of fitness that will last a lifetime! 

How Loop Came To Be 

Loop Family Fit + Play was developed by two individual moms as a result of the quest to find a program to share the fun of exercise with their children and engage with them in structured activity on a regular basis. We wanted an environment where the awareness of interpersonal connection and instilling healthy lifestyle habits merge to create a larger community awareness of the importance of spending playful and purposeful time with our children. Ideally Loop will help close the gap between parents and children as they grow and instill team building among families!