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Loop Family Fit + Play

Do the Loop, spend an hour building a love of fitness that will last a lifetime! Loop embodies the desire for parents and caretakers to stay fit and engaged with their children in a productive healthy, meaningful manner. The Loop focuses on adult fitness while  incorporating the bond between parent and child and appropriate motor skill development exercises for children. Loop is a genuine workout that both you and your child will enjoy! 

Loop Family Fit + Play Team

Our Loop fitness trainers collectively have years of success and experience working within the realm of health and fitness and are individually specialized and certified in youth and adult programs. We are proud to offer this unique blend of general fitness, pilates, dance, kick boxing and yoga where parents and kids get fit together!

Loop Family Fit + Play Classes

Loop is a continuous one hour program consisting of 4 segments of various exercises like pilates, dance, kick boxing and yoga; specifically designed for parents and children to get fit together!  Each segment  allows for you to fit in and join the Loop the moment you arrive!  At Loop Family Fit + Play we strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you and your children will be able to maintain a healthy, happy and loving lifestyle together! 


Do the Loop!



Do the Loop! Loop Loop!

Do the Loop! Spend an hour building a love of fitness that will last a lifetime

Loop 4+ is for parents and or caregivers with children between 4 -15 years old.   

All Loop classes can accommodate adults with up to 2 children per session.   

Loop 2+

Loop 2+ is a new addition to the Loop program catering to parents with children between 2 - 4 years old; focusing on adult fitness while incorporating connection, engagement and motor skill development suitable for the toddler years. 

Parent and Child Fitness in Miami

Pricing: Rates are for 1 adult + child (additional child rate is $10 for ages 4+ )

*Pre-registration Required, please be sure to accept the online waiver. 

Rates below pertain to all Miami Beach Park locations where Loop happens.

 $25 Drop in Rate

$40 Family of 4 Anytime 

$65 3 Class Pass (Additional Child 3 Class Pass $20)

$200 10 Class Pass 

*Miami Beach JCC  member and non member rates  will be collected by the JCC.

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Loop Family Fit + Play

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